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Straight Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts (ISMB-50)

Straight Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts (ISMB-50)

The Conveyer Belts are available in diverse specifications, designs and shapes. They are high in performance and extremely efficient. ISMB-50 Group of Modular Belts are heavy duty & impact resistant Conveyor Belts. They are mostly preferred for medium & heavy weight material movement. Such Belts are extensively used in rugged and continuous working namely food, beverage, meat, FMCG, cartons, automobile and light engineering parts. We believe in quick delivery of the order.


SMB-50 VT (For Inclined lifts) : ISMB-50 VT are the vertical cleats used for the lifting the materials from horizontal planes to the Vertical heights  or upper planes. They are used along with standard ISMB 50 modules. These are available in heights of  25mm, 50mm, 75mm, & 100mm.

MSW-30,80,109 (MOVING SIDE WALLS / GUARD) : Moving side walls fitted on the modular belts , travel along with belts thus avoiding spillage. Chance of  small Products getting struck up between the fixed type side walls & moving belt are avoided with Moving side walls.

CD-50 (CLAMP DOWN UNIT) : Clamp down units are fixed below the ISMB-50 modular belts. It prevent the belt to buckle out during Up turns & In Blanchers etc for wide belts. It also holds down the belt during return for Inclined belts for wide sizes .

Technical Specifications


50 mm. / 2 inch


16 mm


Side Wall Gear driven.& Side drift free design.

Pin Dia

8 mm Nylon / Acetal.(High Tensile wear resistant)

Widths Available

150 mm to 2500 mm (Exact width available on request)


Low friction PP& CP (+1 to+105 deg C) Max Tensile Load : 991 kg.

Special Engineered polymers ( On Request)

Impact resistance, UV (Ultravoilet) sun ray protection , Antistatic material.

Food grade material , Anti Bacterial , High Temperature.

HDPE ( - 50 to + 66 deg C) Max Tensile Load : 750 kg

Combination Belts

Low friction Polyacetal (-25 to + 91 degC)Max Tensile Load : 1400kg


Various combinations with different variants of belt pattern with vertical cleats of


Different heights , combined with moving side walls etc are available.


Drive Gears for ISBM-50

Description Teeth Outer Diameter Bore Hub Width Product
P2-T8 8 T 130 mm 40 mm square 46 mm Std CNC Moulded
P2-T8 8 T 130 mm 60 mm square 33 mm Std CNC Moulded
P2-T10 10 T 162 mm 40 mm square 33 mm Std CNC Moulded
P2-T10 10 T 162 mm 60 mm square 33 mm Std CNC Moulded
P2-T12 12 T 195 mm 40 mm square 30 mm Machined On Request only

  • Item Code : ISMB-50-WFT

    Desc : White Flat Top

  • Item Code : ISMB-50-BFT

    Desc : Blue Flat Top

  • Item Code : ISMB-50-WPT

    Desc : White Pin Top

  • Item Code : ISMB-50-WPRT

    Desc : White Perforation Top

  • Item Code : ISMB-50-BRT

    Desc : Blue Rough Top

  • Item Code : ISMB-50-HT

    Desc : High Temperature

  • Item Code : ISMB-50-WPRT 35%

    Desc : White Perforation Top 35%

  • Item Code : ISMB-50-RR

    Desc : Raised Rib Top 23%

  • Item Code : P2-T8

    Desc : Wear Resistant

  • Item Code : P2-T8

    Desc : Acid Proof

  • Item Code : P2-T8

    Desc : High Temperature

  • Item Code : T10

    Desc : Wear Resistant

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