Indoswiss Modular Belts & Conveyors

Straight Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts (ISMB-25)

Straight Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts (ISMB-25)

We provide purchasing quality assured Straight Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts (ISMB-25). We provide Indi-Swiss ISMB 25. We provide Indi-Swiss ISMB 25 Modular Belts, which are fabricated using sophisticated machines and technologies. Our ISMB-25-FT is a general-purpose light and medium duty Conveyor Belt used for straight run conveying, washing, drying, cooling, & packing applications across all industrial processes. We set a strict deadline and work sincerely to deliver the placed order on time.


Straight Run Modular Belts

  • Straight Run Modular belts are made out of special grades of Engineering Polymer Plastics  to give extensive  & diversified application in various industries.
  • Plastic Belt Modules are arranged  in Staggered (Brick wall) pattern to give inherent strength
  • These belts are rapidly replacing most of the conventional belts for mass material movement round the clock and at most economical cost

Technical Specifications


25 mm. / 1 inch.


Centre Wall gear driven. & side drift free design.


8.5 mm

Pin Dia

5 mm Nylon / Acetal

Widths Available

75 mm to 1500 mm (Exact width available on request)

Standard width available using multiple module of 75mm & 150mm.


Low friction PP& CP (+1 to+105 deg C) Max Tensile Load : 660 kg.

Special Engineered polymers : ( On Request)

Impact resistance, UV (Ultravoilet) sun ray protection , Antistatic Material,

Food grade material , Anti Bacterial .

HDPE ( - 40 to + 80 deg C) Max Tensile Load : 550 kg

Low friction Polyacetal (-25 to +95 degC)Max Tensile Load : 1100kg


Milky White


Drive Gears for ISBM-25

Description Teeth Outer Diameter Bore Hub Width Product
P1-T12 12 T 96 mm 40 mm square 37mm Std CNC Moulded
P1-T16 16 T 130 mm 40 mm square 40 mm Std  CNC Moulded
P1-T20 20 T 162 mm 40 mm square 20 mm Machined On Request only

  • ISMB 25 PRT Perforated Top

  • ISMB -25 FT Flat Top

  • ISMB -25 FT Flat Top

  • P1-T12 Wear Resistant

  • P1-T16 Wear Resistant